Emergency Orthodontist

When to See an Emergency Orthodontist

There is normal day to day discomfort that comes with wearing braces and then there are emergencies where you would need to see an emergency orthodontist in Cambridge, New Zealand. During treatment, there will be times where your teeth, jaw, or mouth can feel tender or painful. This is usually when your braces are first applied. You may also feel some discomfort after your adjustments because your teeth need to adjust to the new pressure and position. This should pass fairly quickly. This kind of soreness is not an emergency. As the teeth move, wires can start to poke the inside of your check. In order to remedy this yourself, use an object like a spoon to get the wire out of the way temporarily.
See an emergency orthodontist if you are in intense pain that can’t be dealt with using an over-the-counter pain killer or a salt water rinse, or icing your face. You may also need to see someone if your orthodontic appliances or brackets are broken and a wire is jabbing you in the cheek and you can’t temporarily fix it yourself.

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