We are in the business of making people feel better, and we love it!

These are the faces of some of the other key family members you will meet as you start your journey with us:

At True Alignment, we have committed to walk alongside each and every one of our patients as they go on a journey to transform their health and their smile.
This process can take years sometimes so we like to think of our patients as extended members of the True Alignment family!

Empathy + Technology

These two words are at the heart of everything we do. 
Empathy - we understand that your unique health journey (and that of your kids) is one of the most personal things that you could trust someone with. Every patient of ours is wonderfully unique and we are so passionate about creating an environment where you feel heard, seen and educated on how to best improve the health of yourself and your loved ones.
Technology - we believe that you deserve the very best, most advanced products and services that are available! To that end, we are constantly looking to the future of orthodontics and incorporating cutting edge technology to improve both your experience with us, as well as your results.

Dr. Vernon Kruger

The team here at True Alignment are assisted by Dr. Vernon Kruger, a registered, qualified dentist who has been practicing the art of orthodontics for over thirty years, both locally and overseas. 
Dr. Kruger's philosophy stems from a commitment to full-body health and wholeness.
This means his treatment addresses aspects such as the shape size and position of your jaw, the improvement of your airways, as well as, of course, that beautiful natural smile you always wanted.
His commitment to identifying underlying problems and developing comprehensive treatment plans that avoid invasive work such as teeth extractions means you can rest assured that you are in the very best of hands with us.

Full Body Wellness Vs. Narrow Specialisation

“Often, to get clarity on an issue, you need to look at the whole picture. I have a holistic philosophy, something our profession feels is very important“ 
Dr Kruger has chosen not to follow the conventional path of becoming a registered specialist orthodontist. As explained earlier, he prefers to look at the field of alignment, airways and facial beauty from a perspective that is not restricted to simply straightening teeth. The orthodontic profession is starting to focus a lot more on this now.


Patient Care Coordinator


Business Operations Manager

What did you want to be when you were nine?
I wanted to work with children.
What do you love about your job?
I love working with a great cohort of individuals, who are ardent about their job, playing my part to complete us as an amazing team.
Personally, I love making a difference, giving an exceptional level of patient care and putting people at ease.
What makes you smile?
My three daughters, all the time!
What is your best advice for living a happier, healthier life?  
Be humble and grateful; appreciate the small things; change what you can control and let go of what you can't; breathe.


Orthodontic Auxiliary / Hygienist

What did you want to be when you were nine?
I wanted to be a vet or an air hostess.
What do you love about your job?
Seeing people becoming more confident with improving their smile.
What makes you smile?
Seeing my girls happy.
What is your best advice for living a happier, healthier life?  
Appreciate what you have, make sure to make time for yourself and practice the art of doing nothing and be aware of the space around you.



What did you want to be when you were nine?
I can’t remember - it was a long time ago! I think I wanted to be a teacher at one stage and then a nurse.
What do you love about your job?
The patients, they feel like part of the family.
I love following their journey and seeing how happy they are with their smiles when their treatment is finished. I love to share their excitement with them!
What makes you smile?
Chasing bubbles with my grandchildren, being a grandparent is such a special time and so rewarding.
What is your best advice for living a happier, healthier life?  
Eat well, sleep well, spend time in the sunshine.  Be grateful for what you have and be kind to others.
What did you want to be when you were nine?
A princess - before I realised I'd probably get bored!
What do you love about your job?
Working with this amazing team of people who are all passionate about doing their best for our clients.
What makes you smile?
Going to the dog park with my greyhound Abbey and seeing the dogs playing.
What is your best advice for living a happier, healthier life?  
Appreciate and see the goodness in every detail. Take time to breathe and be still. Pursue your passions.


Dental Auxiliary/ Clinical Coordinator

What did you want to be when you were nine?
Believe it or not I actually wanted to be a dentist!
What do you love about your job?
I love getting to interact with the clients, they are amazing!
What makes you smile?
Getting out into the sunshine, summer weather, good food and chocolate!
What is your best advice for living a happier, healthier life?  
Make sure that you have balance in your life.

Dr. Bernard


Bernard has been practising as a dentist for over 30 years, growing his own practice in South Africa from a bare-bones one man operation to a five-dentist practice over the years. 


Having been pleasantly surprised by a positive dentist experience as a child, Bernard became interested in exploring pain-free dentistry and guiding people past their preconceived fears and ideas about dental work. 

His particular passion is providing a family dentist practice experience, helping the whole family from child to elder, and building relationships which leave patients feeling both cared for and cared about. 

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